About Us

Jules & Gems is a sustainable jewellery and accessories boutique. We sell unique and individual pieces, designed and handmade by owner Julie Ashton and other reputable designers at the forefront of the fashion industry. Everything is either handmade here in England or ethically and sustainably produced.


Something Different

Jules & Gems creates jewellery for those who want to look and feel good, even when they’re indulging in domestic chores - think frilly knickers with a masculine edge!

We blend contradictory materials: heavy metals with girly feathers, black pearls and dragonflies, gemstones with geometrics... and more! These unlikely comparisons give a tongue in cheek wearability to a generation balancing business and family.


Why We Love Gems

Gemstones are Julie’s lifelong passion. She loves working with their healing properties and making bespoke pieces. It’s a real joy to help clients put together a piece, whether for health benefits, birthdays, or simply to balance their Chakra's. The whole experience is so rewarding for both of us.

Julie’s also a qualified Reiki practitioner and likes to combine the two, often using stones during a healing session.


Jules & Gems & The Environment

As designers, we’re always conscious of the environment and how we can help, At Jules & Gems, we love working with recycled plastics, glass, and bolster wood. It’s amazing what stunning creations can be made by reusing materials.  

The furs and scarves in our shop are all vegan. What are vegan furs I hear you ask? They’re made from man-made fibres and not sewn together with silk thread. And they’re super-soft! 


How Did Jules & Gems Begin?

Julie first started the business so that she could start a family - working in the film business as a set designer just wasn’t going to work with a small baby! It was time for a rethink.

Whilst studying, she had a Saturday job working for jewellery designer and importer Susan Wainwright. In the holidays, Julie helped her with the wholesale side of the business, and eventually Susan taught her how to make jewellery. This was something Julie had always loved doing - Jules & Gems was born. 


Designing Jewellery Is An Artform

We want to give our customers the choice to find bespoke designs that reflect their individual character. Just like no two people are the same, no two pieces of jewellery are either. 

Click on the links on our home page to view the full collections - we guarantee you’ll enjoy browsing!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our shop, we’ll happily work with you to create something just for you. Our contact details can be found here.