About Us

Jules & Gems is a sustainable Jewellery & Accessories brand and boutique selling unique and individual pieces designed and handmade by myself Julie Ashton and other reputable designers at the forefront of the fashion industry. Everything is either handmade in England or ethically and sustainably produced.

I first started my business so that I could start a family, working in the film business as a set designer just wasn’t going to work with a small baby, that’s when I decided to have a re think?

Whilst studying I had a Saturday job working for a Jewellery designer and importer Susan Wainwright, in the holidays I helped her with the wholesale side of the business and eventually Susan taught me to make. This was something I'd always loved doing.

This is where Jules & Gems was born. My collections are a blend of contradictory materials, heavy metals with girly feathers, black pearls and dragonflies, polka dots and spots feature prominently this summer, with bling chain and two-tone ska ribbon - Remember you heard it here first!

These unlikely comparisons give a tongue in cheek wearability to a generation of women balancing business and family.

I like to create Jewellery for women that want to look and feel good even when they’re indulging in domestic chores - Frilly Knickers with a masculine edge!

As designers we’re all been made to think about the environment and how we can help, I’m starting to work a lot with recycled plastics and recycled bolster wood, my furs and scarves are all vegan – what are vegan furs I hear you say? They’re made from man-made fibres and not sewn together with silk thread. 

My latest project which I have to say I’m super excited about is a funky, cool and cheeky wedding range that could also be worn anytime, it’s something you’ve never seen before so please watch this space follow me on social media, and check my website regularly - unfortunately It’s top secret so I can’t show you pictures or give away any ideas at the moment.. I’d have to kill you if I told you. #thatsajokebtw

Gemstones are my lifelong passion, I love working with their healing properties and making bespoke pieces – Helping my clients put together a piece for health benefits, birthdays or simply balancing their Chakra's is so rewarding for both of us.. My Chakra chic range was featured in vogue magazine a couple of years ago now. link on my home page..

I’m also a qualified Reiki practitioner and like to combine the two, and often use stones during a healing session.

Click on the links on my home page to view the full collections make sure you take your time you don't want to miss anything! Enjoy browsing!