Birch Small Iridescent Necklace BWP30C
Birch Small Iridescent Necklace BWP30C
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Birch Small Iridescent Necklace BWP30C

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This collection is made from hand picked real leaves, preserved with beautiful finishes. Each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.

All Small leaves are supplied on a 16" matching chain.

Birch is a broad-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula in the family of Betulacede. This Tree is sometimes called " The Watchful Tree " because of eye-like impressions on the bark.

Birch species are generally small to medium size trees or shrubs, they grow mostly in temperate climates.

The Silver Birch is Finlands national tree, while the ordinary tree is the national tree of Russia.

Birch leaves can be used to make a kind of tea as well as extracts for dyes and cosmetics.