Aspen Platinum Earrings BWE3
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Aspen Platinum Earrings BWE3

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This collection is made from hand picked real leaves, preserved with beautiful finishes. Each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.

The Quaking Aspen of North America is known for it's leaves turning spectacular tints of red and yellow in the Autumn.

The unusual ability of the leaves to twist and bend is thought to help protect the Trees from severe winds, and to allow light filtration to the lower branches as well as helping the Tree to grow.

These Aspins mostly grow in Colarado.

Aspens and other members of this genus contain compounds related to Aspirin, while leaves and leaf buds of Aspens have been used to treat Burns, Irritations, Aches and Swollen Joints.

The Aspens are all Native to the cold regions with cool summers, in the North of the Northern Hemisphere, extending south at high altitudes across the mountains.

They are all medium sized deciduous trees reaching 15-30 meters tall.